Youth Rugby Enquiry

This will be emailed to both the Mini's and Youth Convenors.


Gordon Douglas 

Alan Hendry 
Vice President - Youth Rugby

Aaron Anderson
Grounds and Lights

Hannah Burgess 

Caroline Crawford and Rebecca O'Hare 
Child Protection


P1 -                Lynsey Maxwell and Aileen Mackenzie
P2 - 
P3 -                Iain Aitken
P4 - 
P5 -                Douglas McCorkell
P6 - 
P7 -                Ian Joy
S1 -                John Stevenson/Dunk Reid
S2 /U14's       Scott Szarenek 
S3 -                Gavin Anderson
U16 -              Aaron Anderson
U18 -
Girls U14/U16/U18 - Andrew Norrie
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